Skin Health: Balancing the Pros and Cons of Sun Exposure

On the one hand, you're bombarded with warnings about the sun's detrimental impact on your skin, potentially causing wrinkles and even elevating cancer risks. But then again, you're advised to pause and consider this: carving out 15-30 minutes of sun exposure daily could be essential for achieving optimal Vitamin D levels.

While very real, the fear of skin damage from exposure to the sun can border on the absurd as hype trumps logic.  This is evidenced by the escalating SPF values flooding the market.  At one time, SPF 15 was considered a total block until the shelves were filled with SPF 25s and 30s.  Of course, this didn’t last long as the SPF 55s and 65s began hitting the shelves for real total protection from the evil sun.  And now we are even hearing of an SPF 100!  It is hard to imagine that mankind ever survived exposure to the sun.

Of course, over-exposure to the sun without protection can and does lead to wrinkles, brown spots and eventually the potential of photo-carcinoma (cancer).  Let’s not trivialize these dangers.  Yet there is another school of thought that takes a different viewpoint; one that points out the need for Vitamin D, which our bodies synthesize with the help of the sun.  

How To Navigate Sun Exposure

First, let’s address protection against overexposure.  The simple truth is that physical blocks work best.  This includes clothing and especially hats.  As far as SPF products are concerned, those with mineral blocks such as micronized titanium dioxide or zinc oxide (as opposed to nano) provide the safest form of protection for the spa-goer who is about to spend hours exposed to the sun and the elements.  There are safe organic sun protective moisturizers that Spa Technologies offers that avoid harmful chemicals.  However, for casual exposure to the sun, which provides our much-needed Vitamin D, there are other solutions from the sea.  They provide a rich variety of marine nutrients to protect your skin organically.  

Ocean To The Rescue

The labs at Spa Technologies have harnessed the healing ocean to provide anti-aging for casual use outdoors as well as after-sun care.  It begins with the concept of formulating products made from seawater and marine algae extracts.  The seawater is harvested from the pure waters of Brittany.  It is isotonic, similar to a saline solution's anti-inflammatory properties, but only better.  It contains a perfect balance of minerals and trace elements that is completely compatible with the human body.  The human body is 70% water, and that water is virtually identical in chemistry to seawater which explains why this is an ideal solution to house active algae extracts.

Shop Anion Essentials For Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory Remedies

For those who experience mild sunburn and redness, marine algae provide anti-inflammatory actives.  Omega-7 fatty acids, marine polysaccharides, and astaxanthin help to relieve the discomfort of over-exposure to the sun.  Our labs have formulated seaweed-based mists and gels working in synergy with CBD and aromatic essential oils to cool the skin and restore it to a normal tone. So let’s not forget to enjoy the sun with the knowledge that the ocean provides us with an “eco-defense” against environmental aging factors. Check out all of our products here and Go Anion today!