Why Is Seaweed Great For Your Skin?

Would it surprise you to learn that bathing in seaweed may be more nutritious to your body than taking vitamin or mineral supplements in a health food store? Sounds ridiculous? After you read this blog, you may want to bathe in nature’s richest nutrient bath every day - seaweed.

Negatives Of Supplements

First, what is wrong with vitamin and mineral supplements? Contrary to what you may have been told, the vitamin and mineral supplements available to you in health food stores are not ‘natural.’ In fact, most vitamins are synthesized chemically and only represent a fraction of their properties when compared to those found in food. More importantly, they are not bound in an organic soup of co-factors and other essential elements that, when working together—as they do when consumed in food—may actually be toxic to your organs. (For further information, I recommend reading “Supplements Exposed” by Brian Clement, pHD and; “Unhappy Meals” by Michael Pollen.)

The same is true with minerals, antioxidants and other supplements you can find commercially. As an example, zinc which is essential for reproductive health and skin elasticity, is an antagonist to copper. So taking zinc supplements can cause a deficiency in copper which in itself is essential to collagen synthesis and brain functioning. However, you can get zinc and copper from seaweed, where they are bound up with a hundred or more co-factors that make them assimilable, which we refer to as Bio-Compatible.

Benefits Of Seaweed For Your Skin

Bio-Compatibility is key to good health. And seaweed is nature’s richest source of minerals and trace elements your body and skin require for optimum health. However, these elements are missing from our dinner plate due to modern agriculture that relies on depleted soils and synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides. The U.S. Senate study published in 1992 maintained that our country’s farmland had lost 85% of its topsoil to erosion, pesticides and modern agri-business models of farming. To reinforce this, the Department of Agriculture estimates that every vegetable and fruit you consume today has 50% fewer nutrients than they did 40 years ago.

Okay, but how does that relate to bathing in seaweed? Well, when it comes to minerals and trace elements, a lot. Back in 1962, the University of Rennes, France, wanted to determine if minerals can effectively be assimilated into the body trans-dermally; in other words, can applying a seaweed mask or bathing in seaweed allow for the penetration of these vital minerals to nourish our skin and body. Studies on rodents proved conclusively that ionized minerals did indeed penetrate with traces of iodine found in liver and kidney biopsies.

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